About Us

After a long day’s work, we know the value of coming home and being comfortable. 


There is a serious lack for comfortable, breathable loungewear for women. We are talking about loungewear that is made of sustainable, 100% cotton that is built to last years. That is where we come in. 

Introducing My Lilianas, premium 100% cotton shorts for women that can be worn as underwear, loungewear, sleepwear, or outerwear on the go! Ethically made and environmentally friendly, our boxer shorts feel like a light cotton bed sheet wrapped around you. They keep you cool and comfy in the right places...if you know what we're getting at.

The 100% cotton shorts will get softer with every wash, and we recommend using fabric softener with your pair. Wash your pair in cool water for the best results, and do not apply heat to your pair. 

Most of women’s clothing is not designed with comfort in mind. Men’s clothing, on the contrary, is designed for comfort and utility. More and more women have found themselves purchasing men’s clothing in the pursuit of comfort. But there’s still a problem…these clothes do not fit correctly or feel just right because they were not designed with the female body in mind.  

Never again get caught stealing your boyfriend’s boxers or shopping in the men’s department for yourself…

We surveyed women from all over the country to figure out how to make the perfect women’s boxers so that they have all the features you desire! Our design has been time tested again and again to make sure we have the optimal design for a woman’s body with bonus features that make our shorts extremely comfortable and flexible. You will want to live in them!  High-quality loungewear requires quality manufacturing, so we partnered with the finest manufacturer with years of experience creating top-notch materials. We worked closely with them every step of the way to refine our prototype again and again to be able to transform our vision into a reality.

Our boxers feature 

  • 100% cotton that is airy and breathable  
  • Pockets, because we know how to please! Store your stuff in our deep pockets built for utility!
  • Environmentally friendly, made with 100% cotton and low-impact dyes
  • Soft-to-the-touch waistband that stretches to keep you comfortable and your boxers in place
  • Stitching designed with a woman’s body in mind so that it has a snug feel on your body
  • Slits to provide extra flexibility and comfort as you move throughout your day 
  • Every pair goes through a pre-shrink process to prevent shrinking
  • A softer feel with each wash


Imagine the feel of a light cotton bed sheet wrapped around you; it keeps you cool and comfy. That is how our boxers feel.